Formed in 2008, Sargent Avenue blends a variety of musical influences to create rhythmic, emotive industrial rock music and high-energy live shows. With sounds similar to 30 Second To Mars, Red, Alter Bridge, and Saosin, Sargent Avenue has
played at conferences, venues and festivals across the United States. Their first album, the EP “To Whom It May Concern”, was released in 2010. Their anticipated second album, titled “Euphoria”, is expect out summer of 2011.”

 Sargent Avenue is committed to connecting with their audience to engage them in action toward causes of social justice. The positive message purported through a high energy stage show creates the perfect conduit for social change.

By working in partnership with TRAFFIC JAM and MTV EXIT they will be excellent ambassadors for the musical community of the United States. The people of Southeast Asia will be treated to a very special performance, with genuine articles of American rock and roll glory. Beyond their stellar performance abilities, Sargent Avenue is composed of genuine kind people, ready to be the change they want to see in the world. Your support is greatly appreciated.